Frequently Asked Questions

This section is more of a work in progress as we get asked all sorts of weird and wonderful questions everyday but it’s okay because Mr Pink likes to talk!  Give us a call or comment or reply below and we can post your question and hopefully a decent answer here on the site.

Q:      What kind of wood do you sell?

A:      We sell both Hardwood and Softwood and you can buy either of these separately when the products are listed. There will be a distinction between them which should be easy to tell from the product title and description.

Q:      Is the wood ready to burn?

A:    Kiln-dried and seasoned woods are ready to burn straight away as the moisture content will be low enough for the wood to be deemed dry enough to burn.

Q:     What is the difference between kiln dry and seasoned wood?

A:      Kiln-dried wood affords a higher calorific output which means that the log will burn hotter as there is less moisture.

Wood which needs to be seasoned at home will need to be left until the moisture content is low enough to burn. A moisture meter is the best way to determine the suitability of the wood for burning.

Q:    I am used to buying my wood by the cubic metre or cubic metre bag, why don’t you sell these?

It is true that a lot of firewood logs are sold and delivered in cubic metre cages or cubic metre bags or by the loose bulk load and we have delivered this way in the past.

Measuring firewood is a very imprecise science and standards are being put into place at the moment to regulate the industry.  In Canada wood is measured by the Cord or Rick.

We were asked again and again how much wood there was in a ‘cubic metre bag’ when the reality is that most of these ‘builders bags’ or ‘tonne bags’ or ‘dumpy bags’ or ‘cubic metre bags’ are not a cubic metre in capacity.

The standard bag is 0.9cm x 0.9cm x 0.9cm = 0.729 cubic metres. Then you have to take into consideration the space which is packed between the logs. If the logs are larger the more space there is! It can all get very complicated.

We have found that buy selling logs in nets it does a couple of things:

If you stack them you can get an idea of volume i.e. how much of a cubic metre you are getting for the amount of nets you are buying but more importantly – The handling, stacking and mess is controlled as – instead of receiving a loose load of logs dumped onto your driveway you get an amount of net bags which are easily transported to your logstore and handy to bring into the house one at a time.

Q:    What’s the difference between Hardwood and Softwood?

A:     Hardwood is denser and burns for longer but is more expensive and less sustainable than softwood.

Hardwood types are: Oak, Ash, Beech, Sycamore, Birch, Holly to name a few.

Softwoods are mainly firs and pines.

Due to the increase in the market for firewood it is expected that hardwood will have to be suplemented by softwood over the coming years as softwood forests mature long before hardwoods.

You will have to fill your fire more often with softwood but it is the cheaper option.

Q:      What size are your logs?

Our logs are between 8″ and 11″ in length but can be cut to almost any size you require – just let us know!


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