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We deliver firewood to Edinburgh and The Lothians and would love you to join our growing clientele who enjoy a fast and economical service by having their fire wood logs delivered by reservoir logs.

  • 14 nets is the equivalent of having a “bulk bag” delivered
  • 21 nets is the equivalent of one and a half bulk bags
  • 28 nets is the equivalent of having 2 loose bulk bag deliveries

Call Us!

You can call using a freephone, mobile or landline number:

  • Freephone | 0800 112 3799
  • Mobile | 07810 413998
  • Landline | 01506 882909

Your logs will be delivered by Mr Brown himself in and around Edinburgh. He works out of 2 locations but neither of them are suitable for uplift therefore logs are only available for delivery until further notice. Who needs to get their car all messy with logs anyway? That’s Mr Brown’s job!

You don’t have to be in for delivery so if you are going to be out then let us know where to leave them.  In most cases our drivers can stack them straight into your storage area whether it be an outdoor log store or wood shed or garage.

If the logs are going to be uncovered until you come home it is always a good idea to arrange some sort of tarpaulin or even a plastic cover so that they stay nice and dry until you get them to your garage or wood shed.

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40 litre nets of kiln dried silver birch stacked into 15 making one half an actual stacked cubic metre of hardwood logs



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