Hardwood Brown’s Bargain Bonfire Bonanza


We’re still Western daft here at reservoir logs HQ – Sky Atlantic’s Westworld is this Season’s Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming but we’re still feeling the heat due to our FANTASTIC QUALITY kiln dried hardwood logs.

Remember! Remember! 12 NETS = ONE BULK BAG

All of the codes end on SATURDAY 5th November 2016.

BARGAIN5 for 5% off a minimum order of £50
BONFIRE10 for 10% off a minimum order of £100
BONANZA15 for 15% off a minimum order of £200

Codes are applicable to all NETS of BIRCH, ASH AND OAK and ALL WOOD FUEL PRODUCTS and FIRELIGHTERS including Briquettes and Pellets.

Price Reduction

As we have always said, if we get a cost saving, we pass it on to our customers. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that from today we have reduced the price of a net bag from £6.20 to only £5.90 which includes delivery and VAT at 5%

Products are available from our shop as always, please “log” in and place your order for delivery. Pardon the pun!

Logs in Dunfermline

If you are looking for logs in Dunfermline you can have them delivered next day by reservoir logs Fife distributor Mr White – he’s standing by to get logs to you quickly, cleanly and economically.

Mr White has been delivering firewood logs in and around Dunfermline, Fife for the last 2 years now. He’s friendly and helpful and if you want the logs put straight into your log store or wood shed then he’ll be glad to do it for you.

Firewood Delivery Adverts

Here’s an ad that we ran for a while in the press promoting kiln dried firewood deliveries across Central Scotland.

We did this campaign as a front runner for our BIGBAG10 promotional 10% discount for introducing the new larger 40 litre nets of firewood we had introduced.

14 of our nets of firewood logs are the equivalent of having a loose bulk bag of logs delivered from another supplier.

Our prices include delivery and VAT at 5%

kiln dried firewood delivered across the UK

reservoir logs on the move