If the Oak is out before the Ash…


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If the “If the oak is out before the ash then we are in for a splash,
But if the ash is out before the oak we are in for a soak”

One thing we’ve found from working for so long in the firewood industry is that you become pre-occupied with the weather. We always find it amazing how some of these old sayings usually make sense…

We’ve still got plenty of Oak in stock and it’s unlikely that it will be “out” before the Ash which is back in stock on Friday 10th April 2015 and available for pre-order now although in limited quantity.

Birch is still at a sale price and volume discounts are in operation throughout the shopping cart, however, we’ve taken the liberty of posting a separate product in our very best deal for BULK BUY BIRCH which we hope you will take advantage off to stuff your log store for a “fully stacked” Summer!

Spinning Green Bag


This is the smaller bag of logs which we supplied to customers prior to March this year.

The main differences between this net and the net we supplied now are:

  1. Logs are kiln dried instead of just seasoned
  2. Standard log length increased from 8″ to 11″
  3. Net size has increased to 40 litre net
  4. Net weight has increased from average 10kg to 15kg

Because kiln-dried logs have the majority of the moisture sucked out of them they can be dense but they’re not as heavy as seasoned logs.

Has everyone felt a really heavy moisture soaked log? Not nice is it…